1137 Canton St.

I am so excited to announce that I am now located on Canton St in beautiful Historic Roswell. This location is the Mosteller family home and it has a rich tradition of giving back to the Roswell community. In honor of this longtime family, I would love to carry on that love of Roswell by opening up a multi-business location that embraces local business owners. I will have my office there to meet the real estate needs of all Roswell homeowners or those looking to move to the area. We will also have meeting/office space available for rent if you need to have a group gathering on Canton Street and you would like a location with great parking.

We have a beautiful meeting space available for rent at 1137 Canton St. The space includes a coffee and water station and television for your audio-visual needs. A large meeting table that seats 10 plus additional cozy seating areas makes this the perfect place on Canton St for your next meeting or event.

Once you schedule via the calendar below, we will reach out with a payment link and further details.

The charge is $100 for 5 hours.

Small office for rent on a daily basis is also available. Contact Angela Medley at [email protected] to book the daily office rental. Use the calendar below to book the meeting space.

The Story of 1137 Canton St

Owners Arch and Zola Smith

I love old homes and I love even more the stories that make the house a home. This beautiful home located at 1137 Canton Street was purchased by Arch and Zola Smith in the 1940s. The 1940s were a time when a lot of women didn't work outside the home and there was great segregation between blacks and whites in Atlanta, especially in the workplace. We love the story of Zola Smith because she broke through these barriers at a time when women didn't buck the system! Here is her story of a strong woman who set the example for all of us who operate our businesses now out of her home.

Zola was a woman of confidence and she would let you know her opinion on most anything. At a time when most women didn't work, Zola operated a machine at Loveable Bra company that made the straps for bras. Loveable was a unique company in Atlanta. It was owned by a Jewish man, Mr. Frank Garson and at the time that Frank started in the undergarment business, factories were segregated. Blacks and whites working together in the same workplace was just not allowed. But Mr. Garson changed the face of Atlanta by integrating his factories. He did this by paying a higher wage to encourage the disruption of the norm and it worked beautifully. People of all colors worked side by side to make bras for the women of Atlanta. I love this story about Zola because it shows her tenacity, her drive, and her love for all people. She wasn't afraid to stand up for what she thought was right and that's how the 1137 Canton Street women are as well. We want to model a place where women are empowered to build good in our community and never settle for the status quo.

We hope this story inspires you to be bold today. To step out of your comfort zone to do something that could possibly be something to change the face of our community. But always do it with love and grace!

- Angela Medley